Bake This: Gluten Free Bread

20140723-143406-52446547.jpg (Sorry about the chunk missing in the middle. Elise and I couldn’t resist!)

Last week, #toddlerelise and I packed our bags and headed over to Mamie’s (Elise’s name for her French grandmother). We always have such a good time there. Mamie’s house is filled with light, fresh food smells and hand crafted activities. It’s such a positive, inspiring and relaxing place to be – the perfect short-drive “getaway” spot.

Mamie used to make this amazing French bread, but for the past couple of years has been on a gluten free kick. She has searched and tested many different recipes and has finally found one that is good enough to make it into their morning petit déjeuner breakfast routine.

I love the bread, as well. It’s no traditional French baguette, by far, but it is the lightest, best tasting GF bread I’ve tasted, so I got the recipe from her and gave it a try. I have modified a few things – some based on Mamie’s suggestion and some because I didn’t have the exact thing on hand. The result? A very good sandwich bread! One that is approved by the whole family, even toddler Elise and Papa Bastien!

Gluten Free Bread

Recipe is based upon a recipe book that Mamie has. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the book right now. Check back in soon and I’ll post a link of that book here. Update: The book is called “Gluten-Free: 3 Books in One” and you can find it here.

(GF Flour Blend)
•1 c. Of white rice flour
•1 c. Of sorghum flour
•1 c. Of tapioca flour
•1 c. Of cornstarch
•1 c. Of almond or coconut flour

•3 c. Of GF Flour Blend
•2 packages (1/2 oz. total) of active dry yeast
•2 tsp. of guar gum
•1 tsp. of salt
•1 c. Of warm water
•1/4 c. Of vegetable oil
•2 eggs
•1 tsp. cider vinegar

1. Line 9×5 inch pan with aluminum foil, dull side out. Spray with cooking oil and sprinkle with flour blend.
2. Combine flour blend, yeast, guar gum and salt in bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk water, oil, eggs and vinegar. Beat wet ingredients into dry ingredients with an electric mixer until wet, shiny and smooth. If needed, add water a tablespoonful at a time into mixture.
3. Spoon batter into prepped foil pan. Cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap. Let dough rise for 30 minutes or until it has reached the top of the pan.
4. Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove plastic wrap and bake in oven for 35-45 min. I baked mine for 35 min and felt that it was a little too doughy, so added an extra 10 min. The bread will make a nice, hollow sound when tapped. Remove bread from pan and let cool.

Enjoy your GF bread with whatever you prefer to put on sliced bread – melted butter, jelly or maybe even some avocado and sliced ham!

Let me know how it works out for you! (Baking and me don’t always get along, if you know what I mean.) It’s gotta be one of the easiest, stress-free breads I’ve made!


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