About HTS


Hi! I’m Amber! This here is my special happy place – a space for makers, crafters & anyone looking for a little DIY inspiration. Some of my favorite things in life are:

-DIY & handmade
-anything French
-throwing & styling parties
-my little E
-inspiring & supporting entrepreneurs of all kinds
-my hubs

But if you want to read my fancy-schmancy bio, just look below!

About HTS

Created by Amber G., the How To Shop is the culmination of years of endless time spent browsing the internet searching for crafty goodness and endless hours messing up projects over and over again in an effort to figure out how something was made, done, or created.

About Amber G.

Amber G. is a consultant, organizer & maker. She has years of experience working in offices, but has always had the strong desire to do something crafty. Today, she combines those years of office experience and crafty desires by managing and curating the How To Shop, assisting creatives thru Organized Chaos and creating deco for the best parties at Celebrate DIY Studios.


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