Celebrate DIY Studios

Celebrate DIY Studios is my creative outlet. I create beautiful, one of a kind decor for celebrations of all shapes and sizes.

Using pen, ink, stamps, paints, papers and textiles, I create decorations for your special celebrations, be it a wedding, birthday party, dinner party or a ladies craft night.

I am passionate about helping you decorate any special event, day or celebration. While I work with each individual in creating a celebration suited to their creative ideas, my personal aesthetic and designs generally follow the below ideas & themes:

*pale, soft colors
*clean modern lines and colors
*geometrical shapes and lines
*tribal/folk patterns
*nature-themes & colors

Here are a few of my latest projects:



To check out more of my creations or to pick up a thing or two for your next party, just head on over to Celebrate DIY Studios on Etsy.

Thanks for visiting!


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