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A Pinspired Wedding: Hops+Wildflowers

In the next few weeks I will begin making decorations for a wedding that I am also in. Sweet Sam will be getting married in October to a man who is wild about brewing. Thus, the inspiration for this wedding is hops and wildflowers. Below is a sampling of the color and inspiration board for styling this rustic wedding.


Hops Bride and Groom Chairs


Hop Boutinerres 

Two Hearts Met and Something Brewed  


A Sunflower Burgandy Bouquet 


A Sunflower Arch

Hoppily Ever After 



Farewell to the Roaring 20s: My 30th Birthday Party

Last month I celebrated my 30th birthday. 30. A milestone, a changing point, a fork in the road. 

If 30 is the age of becoming a “true” adult, then I have felt 30 for at least a few years. For me, no doubt, it is because I had a child at 26. The learning curve on having a child and being the first one in your “circle” to have one, is steep. Fortunate for us, we have had family very nearby for help and assistance. But having a child is a life changing experience, for the better with out a doubt, and has sped up my feeling-like-an-adult timeline. 

So since I have felt 30 for a while I took this milestone as an opportunity to party hardy, and to live young and without cares once again. So, with the not-really-a-babe anymore at my parent’s, I settled in to relive my youth (just a wee bit).

In preparation for the big weekend, lots of deco was made: a Photobooth, props, a banner and balloons. I made a bit and my talented sister in law made a bit. The party was a “farwell to the roaring 20s” themed, so gold and black were everywhere. 

(Photobooth props made by Lu 

 (The black and gold Photobooth was so simple to make and was a blast to play with.)



(The banner was made by Lu and had such pretty little details.)

Quite a fun party, indeed!



Links, Love and Moments

The countdown my 30th birthday has started! Eek! And while I will be starting on epic birthday decorations soon (with pictures, bien sur), I’ve been enjoying copious amounts of family time and self love time the last couple of weeks.

We’ve gone to lots of birthday parties, watched some good movies, played with our new favorite puppy, Boogie, gone on hikes and made Valentine cards. I’ve started going to the gym again, got my hair cut and styled, have been doing yoga daily and writing daily. Happy to report there’s been a lots and lots of family and self love going on. Below, is a few highlights…

IMG_1884 I love roasting cauliflower. This recipe is a pretty good sounding. I like the addition of fennel and turmeric.

IMG_1885 My new mantra: food is medicine (This also includes herbs, duh).

IMG_1886 I’ve been reading up on Ayurveda a bit lately. Pretty certain I’m a Vata. What’s your take on this healing method?

IMG_1887 Made these delish banana chocolate bites for itty bitty’s preschool Valentine’s day party. Hard to believe these are a good healthy candy alternative!

IMG_1843 I got my hair did at my new favorite salon, Ananda salon, with the fabulous Laura.

IMG_1832 Until next time, y’all…(adios amigos!)


Moments: A Three Month Wrap Up

So it’s been a heck of long time since I’ve written or posted anything on here. My last post was around Halloween with the details of Elise’s last minute knight costume.

The holiday rush has finally settled and I’m really finding my groove, my place, at my new job (going on 5 months soon!). So now I think it’s an appropriate time to start writing and posting again.

What has happened in the past 3-ish months? Well, for one I have not stopped writing, that’s for sure. I’ve been writing pretty dedicatedly in journals, scribbling away ideas, daily reflections and plotting ways to save the world (or at least the ones around me ;)). And I certainly did not stop taking photos of my irresistible little Elise, who has been going through a “3” stage (3 years old, 3 feet tall and still not quite 30 pounds).

Here’s a visual recap of the highlights of the past three (there it is again!) months:

Apple picking at Justus Orchard with Tata Alexandra

Corn maze walk at the Eliada Corn Maze

Elise’s first day of preschool+the beginning of a crocodile obsession/fascination

Preschool Halloween party

Tree decorating+kitty pjs

The countdown to Christmas illustrated by Tata Lucie

2015/01/img_1693.jpg New Years Eve with toddler Elise=Frozen dance parties, cuddles & bed jumping

Elise’s hair is finally long enough for her first braid

A mother-daughter-granddaughter day filled with painting fun at Fired Up, a delish vegetarian lunch at the Laughing Seed and some shopping at Elementality