3 Awesome Things

20140526-223845-81525035.jpg Geometric Coasters that are absurdly easy and cheap

20140526-223844-81524768.jpg A woven bench

20140526-223844-81524903.jpg And the most gorgeous quilt, ever

Happy Memorial Day, y’all!


Weekly wrap up: Craft Parties, Snow, Let’s Celebrate & Getting Ready for Spring!

A few things I made, read or discovered this week:

This week was, of course, all about that big lovely dovey Valentines Day. I was supposed to have a craft party on the eve of valentines, but the weather in these parts have been wild, crazy and snowy, so it was sadly cancelled. But I did get to make a valentines day party photo booth backdrop that I was absurdly proud of.


Tried out this mini love messages project this week. It was really lovely in theory but really had a problem at the end.

My party decor shop (Celebrate!) is now live on Etsy! There isn’t much on there yet but just excited that its coming together.

Another shop that went live this week was frolick and whimsy, my mother’s knitted clothing shop for the kiddos.

I’m a huge fan of simple projects, but maybe I can break out of my routine and challenge myself a bit with this lovely crepe paper flower.

It’s a little early to start thinking about plants and gardening, but I love this project to make a DIY cement plant post!

These watercolor paper flowers are gorgeous.

I loved watching this amazing video that is all about some geometrical heart love.


Co-Working Inspiration: Makeshift Society


If you know anything about me, you know that I want to open a coworking space and studio for creatives in the city I live in Asheville, NC.

I’ve been “kicking” around the idea of doing a kickstarter campaign. I wanted to see how successful other similar campaigns were so I did a quick search and found some great inspiration (and positive results!).

Makeshift Society is a really awesome coworking space in San Francisco and now Brooklyn that is so inspiring to the vision I have for the one I’d like to open in Asheville.


Gifts that Help You DIY: 7 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money – Wise Bread

Despite the danger of clutter, sometimes gadgets really can help you – and in this case I’m talking about helping you DIY – more!


This article talks about the 7 gadgets that help you save money. And while I’m all about saving money – I’m also all about DIY-ing. And funny enough (if you’re doing it right), sometimes the more DIY-ing, the more money you’re saving!


I definitely have the coffee maker and the juicer/blender but what the hubs and I are particularly interested in is the Sodastream. And not for the sodas, but for the sparkling water! I am addicted (let’s say it’s a very fortunate consequence of being married to a European where sparkling water is much more common than flat).


I also think it’d be really interesting to grind you are own meat. And if you hunt/kill your own meat, it’d be the ultimate DIY!


So take a look at the list and see if any of them could help you increase your DIY abilities! Are there any on there that you have that you think aren’t helpful at all? Are there any that aren’t on there that should be?


DIY Shop: HankWorks on Etsy


There are so many local crafters and artists that live and work in the Asheville area. One of my goals here at The How-To Shop is to support these local makers by sharing them with the world and giving them a little bit of link love. This first maker is someone I’ve known for a few years now but who just recently started selling his wares.

Tony of HankWorks was a former coworker of mine. When both of our work situations took an unexpected turn, we were both able to turn these changes into something positive. Tony opened HankWorks to sell beautiful wooden items made from the last tree that his late father had reclaimed. Tony needed some advice on running his Etsy shop and he came to me. Tony became my first client and I realized I had the know-how to start my consulting business, Organized Chaos.

Take a minute and check out HankWorks. His handcrafted cutting boards, knife racks and wine bottles holders make the perfect holiday gifts.

Know someone local who makes beautiful handmade goods? Send their info to me – I’d love to feature their work on the blog!


For the love of…Block printing


(From stolenmoments)

I can’t express how much I love block printing. It has to be my favorite form of art.

Now that’s not to say I don’t love painting or sewing or any other form of art. I do. What I mean to say is that it’s my favorite form of art that I can do well. The process pleases me and even does the final product.

Here are some of my favorite block printing finds.


(from ohliterabbit)

(also from ohliterabbit)

(from nestahome)

What’s your favorite form of art? Do you have a preference that is different from what you’re good at making?