Designer Crush: Aelfie Rugs

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, aren’t these rugs to die for?!!


I just discovered Aelfie, and if the name wasn’t cute enough already – her designs just wanna make you snuggle up on the floor with her gorgeously designed rugs.

Take a peek, and a happy winter solstice.


Gifts that Help You DIY: 7 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money – Wise Bread

Despite the danger of clutter, sometimes gadgets really can help you – and in this case I’m talking about helping you DIY – more!


This article talks about the 7 gadgets that help you save money. And while I’m all about saving money – I’m also all about DIY-ing. And funny enough (if you’re doing it right), sometimes the more DIY-ing, the more money you’re saving!


I definitely have the coffee maker and the juicer/blender but what the hubs and I are particularly interested in is the Sodastream. And not for the sodas, but for the sparkling water! I am addicted (let’s say it’s a very fortunate consequence of being married to a European where sparkling water is much more common than flat).


I also think it’d be really interesting to grind you are own meat. And if you hunt/kill your own meat, it’d be the ultimate DIY!


So take a look at the list and see if any of them could help you increase your DIY abilities! Are there any on there that you have that you think aren’t helpful at all? Are there any that aren’t on there that should be?


DIY Holidays: Holiday Ornaments Ideas from Apartment Therapy


This week has been an exhausting one filled with work, new work opportunities, a husband with strep, toddler care, and Thanksgiving preparations. Once the storm of activity and care-taking settled down, I was happy to just put up the ole Christmas tree and decorate it. Our tree is rather sparse and so I’m happy to find this post about some DIY holiday decorations. I definitely wanna try out the felt ornaments, I think they’d add a nice, different texture to the tree.

What have you been doing this holiday weekend? Did you put up your holiday decorations already? Or do you like to wait a little longer?