Awesome Things Mish Mash

20140721-150653-54413591.jpg My freaking the flip out face.

I’ve been a little quiet lately, which seems to happen to me when something dramatic or unexpected happens to me. It’s like I try to back away from all the mess and noise and listen to myself – see how I’m feeling inside. Well, I’ve been doing that because there has been another shift in my career and I’m out, yet again, looking for another job. As much as I’ve sworn that I never want to have another interview or have to “sell” myself again, I seem to be preparing myself to do it right this moment.

And as much as I seem to be complaining about this shift, I am actually very grateful for it and ready for a positive change. Everything ended on good, amicable terms, and that’s really all you can ask for.

Now, while I started this post off with what seems to be ranting, I will swoop back around to the original point: some awesome things I’ve collected around the creative blogosphere.

20140721-144746-53266902.jpg Some beautiful looking raspberry buckwheat porridge, that’s right I said porridge.

20140721-145047-53447102.jpg Oh summer, you make me want to make Popsicles over and over again.

20140721-151143-54703216.jpg DIY playtime activities for #toddlerelise

20140721-151421-54861710.jpg Super simple leather earrings


DIY Ideas for the week: From Hearts to Seeds in One Swift Jump

The weather has been amazing the past two days. It really makes you wanna start planting some pretties and yummies to breathe a little life and color into the home.

This plant pot cover is soooo easy, it’s ridiculous.

This cute plant pot starter, but this one is a little more kid friendly that I plan on doing with my little Elise soon. She’s finally at an age where she adores getting her hands dirty.

On another note, this is such a cute and easy way to display prints in your home. This is a great idea for renters or for people who have the tendency to redecorate frequently (like me!)


Hope you’re having a great week! These projects are making me excited to get my hands in the dirt during the weekend! Got a few projects you’re excited to get started on?


Weekly Wrap Up: Geometric Hearts Pattern, Vday Craft Party and More

This week has been a fantastic one for me. I made an important decision and have followed up by taking control of my career. This was followed by lots of planning, coffee, ice cream parties with the little one and focus. I also got to participate in something special and sweet this week that fills my heart with love.

Here’s a few of the highlights & discoveries of my week:


Wrap Your Lovey Dovey Gifts in this Beautiful Free Printable Heart Paper

I’m hosting a Vday Craft Party! This will be the first of a series of monthly seasonally-themed craft parties I’ll be hosting. This is one of the first steps in my business plan for The How-To Shop.

The way the weather has been the past few weeks finding ways to battle colds are more important than ever right now.

I love the simplicity of this Valentines Day craft project.

Have a fabulous weekend!


$2 Mini DIY Bouquets & a 10 Year Anniversary


Today is mine and my husband’s 10 year anniversary since we started dating. Eep. It’s hard to believe I’ve known him for so long!

On a day like today, I wanna leave sweet little surprises around the house for him to find. This sweet flower project is just the kind to make anyone smile.

What special things do you do for your loved ones on special days like this?


It’s Valentine’s Season! Ideas for Sharing the Love Any Day of the Year


This post comes entirely from the lovely Oh Happy Day blog. Jordan Ferney, who runs the blog, will be speaking at the Makers Summit that I so excitedly posted about earlier.

I never really celebrate Valentines Day. It’s a packed month for me and the hubs – filled with anniversaries and birthdays and the over expectations of that big love day. But I’m thinking this year I may wanna start doing little things. Just little tidbits here and there to show my special man that I still love him – after all this time…

Some of my favorites in this Valentine’s day craft post is the giant love letters, the heart cup and above all the heart garland!

I do want to remind you that Valentine’s day isn’t only for couples. It’s also a day to show love to all that you love, be it your mom, child, lover or dog! So show some love!


Gifts that Help You DIY: 7 Kitchen Gadgets That Save You Money – Wise Bread

Despite the danger of clutter, sometimes gadgets really can help you – and in this case I’m talking about helping you DIY – more!


This article talks about the 7 gadgets that help you save money. And while I’m all about saving money – I’m also all about DIY-ing. And funny enough (if you’re doing it right), sometimes the more DIY-ing, the more money you’re saving!


I definitely have the coffee maker and the juicer/blender but what the hubs and I are particularly interested in is the Sodastream. And not for the sodas, but for the sparkling water! I am addicted (let’s say it’s a very fortunate consequence of being married to a European where sparkling water is much more common than flat).


I also think it’d be really interesting to grind you are own meat. And if you hunt/kill your own meat, it’d be the ultimate DIY!


So take a look at the list and see if any of them could help you increase your DIY abilities! Are there any on there that you have that you think aren’t helpful at all? Are there any that aren’t on there that should be?


Sweet Simple Stocking Stuffer_ Clay Magnets Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange: Project #5 | Apartment Therapy


This is such a sweet, simple handmade holiday gift idea. I absolutely love the clean, white shape of the magnets.

I have an epic list of holiday gift ideas that I’ll be working on this weekend. It will be first of many weekends spent banging out some (hopefully) sweet handmade gifts. I’ll post pictures as gifts are created.

What are your weekend plans? Handcrafting your holiday gifts yet? Or will you wait until the very last minute and just “do what you can”? (Like I’ve done oh-so-many years now.)