Getting Lost and Finding Yourself Again; DIY Blogger Lovin’

Don’t you ever just get lost in the wind?

I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out whether I want to infuse my blog, or this potential business of mine, with sprinklings of me. What is the brand of this blog? Does it have a brand yet? Or is that just to be determined as my ideas develop around this blog concept?

Well, here I go.

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It’s Valentine’s Season! Ideas for Sharing the Love Any Day of the Year


This post comes entirely from the lovely Oh Happy Day blog. Jordan Ferney, who runs the blog, will be speaking at the Makers Summit that I so excitedly posted about earlier.

I never really celebrate Valentines Day. It’s a packed month for me and the hubs – filled with anniversaries and birthdays and the over expectations of that big love day. But I’m thinking this year I may wanna start doing little things. Just little tidbits here and there to show my special man that I still love him – after all this time…

Some of my favorites in this Valentine’s day craft post is the giant love letters, the heart cup and above all the heart garland!

I do want to remind you that Valentine’s day isn’t only for couples. It’s also a day to show love to all that you love, be it your mom, child, lover or dog! So show some love!


The Maker’s Summit Is Back!

Last year, I went to the first Maker’s Summit, in Greenville, SC. I had a great time, met some really cool people, got mega inspired and won a bunch of craft books!


It’s happening again this year on March 1st and I will definitely be attending it again! I had so much fun and this year I might be…a little more confident?

If anyone wants to join me, I’d be super excited to have some familiar company. Plus, I think I may attend the Best Craft Party Ever afterwards for another dose of inspiration and fun.

Wanna join me?


Design Love: LuLu


I am fortunate to be surrounded by many talented people in my life. One of these people is my sister in law. This girl just oozes talent and good design. Sometimes, I think it’s a little ridiculous that one single person could be so full of talent, style and be so nice. But, hey, at least I get to know such an awesome person and get to be in her life. Above, is just a small glimpse into her well designed home. Most of the artwork is hers.