I Wanna Decorate Your Party – DIY style!

I’m really excited to share something with you! It’s something that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while now, but I’ve finally gotten to a place where I’m so/too excited to share it!

(drum roll, please)…..

Introducing the newest segment of my business: Celebrate! (because everyday is a celebration)

Celebrate! is the DIY decor event planning segment of my business, Organized Chaos. The goal behind Celebrate! is to help you plan and decorate the best, most unique, fun, one of a kind creative celebration around!

We all have great, cherished memories of the special times and conversations we’ve had at these celebrations. I want to help people create one of a kind parties, and create these memories, by making celebrations as DIY/handmade and fun as possible.

I’ve been decorating celebrations for friends, family and myself for sometime now, but I am now at a point where I wanna shout from the rooftops:

“I wanna decorate your party!”

Although the below photos are not professional by any means, here is a sampling of celebrations I’ve helped to decorate:

my wedding



my baby shower


my little one’s 2nd birthday party

I am oh, so happy to decorate nearly any kind of celebration, including the following:
-weddings & receptions
-birthday parties (kids, adults, whatever)
-craft nights
-dinner parties
-holiday parties
-any other creative event!

So what do ya say? Got a party coming up? Yeah?!

Well I’d love to decorate it!


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