Getting Lost and Finding Yourself Again; DIY Blogger Lovin’

Don’t you ever just get lost in the wind?

I’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out whether I want to infuse my blog, or this potential business of mine, with sprinklings of me. What is the brand of this blog? Does it have a brand yet? Or is that just to be determined as my ideas develop around this blog concept?

Well, here I go.

I’m a fish, y’all. A bonafide Pisces who swims determinedly when she knows what she’s after but who very much just floats around aimlessly when she’s unsure, insecure and full of doubts. I’ve been doing that flip flopping of emotions lately. And when that happens, I finally come to a point where I need to figure out my next steps. And to do that, it seems to help me to write.

No, not write a blog post, my friends. But write. Really write. Pen on paper kind of writing. Whether it be a pouring of emotions that had been bubbling at the edges or literally just mapping out what I want – narrowing it down from big, some would say lofty, visions to daily achievable, digestible tasks. Writing it out just helps me make sense of any inner confusion or turmoil I’m internally or externally dealing with.

So let’s come back to the point of this post. Oh, there’s a point? Yes, yes, there is a point believe it or not. And the point is to look at, appreciate and analyze some of my favorite inspirational bloggers.

But, ah, there are just so many, right?

Ok, let’s go with some relatively recently discovered bloggers who just seem to speak my language. The language of DIY blogging, that is.

Lovely Indeed

Paper & Stitch

Studio DIY

I just love these ladies and they’re a great source of inspiration when I am trying to remember why I blog. What or who helps you refocus your thoughts when you’re feeling a little dazed and confused?


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