DIY Shop: HankWorks on Etsy


There are so many local crafters and artists that live and work in the Asheville area. One of my goals here at The How-To Shop is to support these local makers by sharing them with the world and giving them a little bit of link love. This first maker is someone I’ve known for a few years now but who just recently started selling his wares.

Tony of HankWorks was a former coworker of mine. When both of our work situations took an unexpected turn, we were both able to turn these changes into something positive. Tony opened HankWorks to sell beautiful wooden items made from the last tree that his late father had reclaimed. Tony needed some advice on running his Etsy shop and he came to me. Tony became my first client and I realized I had the know-how to start my consulting business, Organized Chaos.

Take a minute and check out HankWorks. His handcrafted cutting boards, knife racks and wine bottles holders make the perfect holiday gifts.

Know someone local who makes beautiful handmade goods? Send their info to me – I’d love to feature their work on the blog!


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