Weekly Wrap Up: Birthdays, Jobs & Flowers

Sorry I’ve been MIA longer than usual. This week has been extra unusually special. I started a new job and turned 29 on the same day. How about that. It’s been a great week, but this one is gonna be just as full since it will be my first full week of work in over a month. Here’s hoping I’ll be seeing you around in the blogosphere sooner rather than later!


I adore these giant paper flowers, although I would need an entire team to complete them.

These DIY hand dipped and dyed placemats are so easy. I can’t resist an easy DIY!

Here’s a interesting twist on bookends -fabric style.


I make flower Pom poms but I am going to have try my hand at this version.


Crowns make everyone feel special.

I’ll leave you with this lovely thought that I strive to follow on the regular.


Have a fabulous week!


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